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Financial Planning

Financial planning starts with a series of meetings to determine your financial goals — and how we can help you meet them. Communication is a critical part of our entire process.


Meeting 1 is free of charge. We will discuss your goals and your resources. We will talk about what our firm can do to help you achieve your goals. After your free appointment, you can decide whether you want to engage our firm.


Meeting 2 focuses on clearly defining your goals, needs, and priorities. We will go over your financial documents with you to make sure we have all the information we need to start your plan. After this meeting, we will analyze your current financial resources, look at other options, and develop a written plan of action.


Meeting 3 involves going over that initial plan, clearly explaining where your finances are and what options you may have for the future. Together, we decide whether to move forward with the plan or edit it to meet your needs and desires. Remember, this is your plan.

Once we agree on a plan, we provide a prioritized to-do list for you and for us. We discuss the best means of communication between us and how often your plan should be reviewed. As your life changes, so will your financial plan. Together, we will keep your plan focused on achieving your dreams.

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Other Services:



  • Insurance Planning

  • Charitable Gifting Plans

Mr. Marshall  CPA, CFP® is uniquely qualified to offer solid sound guidance in all areas. He has over 30 years of experience in advising clients in these matters.  He will suggest other trusted professionals to help in any needed area’s outside of his professional licenses.  The professional team approach is important to everyone, small and large. We will work with your other professional advisors to find a solution that works best for you.

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